Return of the Jedi (Style A)

нашли кусок интервью автора об истории создания постера:

"I did the airbrush illustration for Return of the Jedi. I think it's called the A sheet. The one with the vertically gripped saber.

The design team who came up with the concept needed to show George some "comps" of the idea so that an illustrator could be chosen. My very close friend, Eric Baker (a noted designer in his own right), was asked by them to recommended an illustrator, and therein lies the tale. I think maybe half a dozen other comps by different illustrators were submitted."

Полную историю создания постеров для Star Wars читайте в нашем блоге

оригинальный размер 27" x 41"

Автор: Tim Reamer
Размер: 5612x8727px
Формат: *.jpg

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